Streetparade Zürich live broadcast

Over 1 million people danced in the streets of Zürich, Switzerland during the annual Streetparade. Dancefoundation broadcasted live from the Future Sound of Egypt float. 

It might be the biggest dance event a lot of people haven’t heard of: the Streetparade in Zürich. Its numbers are impressive though. The whole city transforms into a big dance floor as over 30 ‘love mobiles’, as the trucks are called, slowly make their move through the crowds. Each truck features a big sound system with DJ’s playing. Tickets for the limited spaces on board of the floats are selling out fast. Over one million people attend the event, that also features a lot of parties during the weekend. 

August 10, 2016 marked the 25th edition of Streetparade. Future Sound of Egypt teamed up with Swiss promotor Synergy Events, which resulted in a unique ‘Egyptian’ themed float of over 30 meters long with room for 200 party people. DJ’s performing were Dan Stone, Madwave, Aly & Fila, Ferry Tayle and Sean Tyas. 

Dancefoundation made it possible to bring the amazing atmosphere to the homes of fans all over the world, via a one-of-a-kind radio broadcast, live from the moving truck! The website was of course updated in real-time with social messages and photos from the event. 

Re-live the event here

And yes: that is our float, at the center of the bridge! Picture courtesy of