Tomorrowland Radio

Tomorrowland is recognized to be one of the best, most beautiful and talked about electronic music festivals in the world. With recent editions attracting people from over 200 countries, it is the most international gathering. In 2013 Dancefoundation teamed up with Cross Media Ventures to create a unique radio station: Tomorrowland Radio. After the successful launch, 2014 brought the 10th anniversary of the festival with two weekends of on-location radio. 2015 introduced visual radio as part of Tomorrowland Live.

Our temporary station broadcasts via numerous (FM/Satellite/online) stations around the globe. It reached a potential of over 50 million listeners in the 2013, a figure that more than doubled in 2014. The three day broadcasts feature the best from six connected stages, live interviews with artists and even a second stream broadcasting in Spanish. The onsite studio is located near the Artist Village and features state-of-the-art radio equipment.

Dancefoundation also provided the 2014 live website, that was updated in real time with hand-picked tweets and pictures from fans around the world, event pictures, messages, etc. All participating radio stations had their own branded version of the website, including links to their own audio players. The ultimate way for the stations to promote the event and the website, without directing traffic away. And with success: stations reported to have up to ten times the amount of regular listeners.

Curating huge amounts of social media messages

In 2014 we’ve developed an extension for our Content Management System, that enables us to handle and curate huge amounts of social data. During the 2014 edition alone, more than 4 million social messages about Tomorrowland were recorded. The new system allows editors to publish content with ease by auto-suggesting the most relevant content at that moment. It is also easy to create specific queries and let these update in real-time. While tested with data-sets recorded during other festivals, the actual proof was delivered during the first weekend. With minor tweaks the system succeeded, making the life of editors a lot easier, while providing better content.